The figure below illustrates the peak incidences of various agents by season. Rhinoviruses, which account for a substantial percentage of URIs, are most active in spring, summer, and early autumn. Coronaviral URIs manifest primarily in the winter and early spring. Enteroviral URIs are most noticeable in summer and early fall, when other URI pathogens are at a nadir. Adenoviral respiratory infections can occur throughout the year but are most common in the late winter, spring, and early summer.

Seems that the Coronavirus is the last thing which we should be preoccupied with in summer.

Three graphs that SHOULD make you think!
Seasonal variation of selected upper respiratory tract infection pathogens. PIV is parainfluenza virus, RSV is respiratory syncytial virus, MPV is metapneumovirus, and Group A Strept is group A streptococcal disease.
Source: What are the seasonal patterns of rhinoviral, coronaviral, enteroviral, and adenoviral upper respiratory tract infections (URIs)?

The graph below shows that each year:

  • Coronaviruses have been responsible for twice as much flu-like cases as influenza,
  • Rhinoviruses have been responsible for more flu-like cases than coronaviruses, influenza and RSV viruses combined,
  • in almost half of flu-like cases the underlying infection could not have been determined.
Based on: Acute viral infections of upper respiratory tract in elderly people living in the community: comparative, prospective, population based study of disease burden

According to scientific studies, SARS-CoV-2 has a mortality rate very similar to influenza. Please note that, following the previous graph, we could expect any coronaviral URIs to be twice as much deadly as influenza.

And, if that is not enough…

Flu miraculously eradicated in 2020


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