Mission Statement

Straight to the Point aims to provide reliable news, scientific research, related to current hot topics and opinions, which counterbalance the mainstream media narration. Currently only a few posts are our own, the vast majority are re-posts from other websites.

We try to keep high quality of published information and avoid publishing or sharing materials which are pure speculations without any rational or scientific background.

Although we do our best to verify the material we share with you, we highly encourage you to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, check, prove and verify everything we share. We always link the source of our posts, so you can verify them yourself.

Political affiliations and connections, sponsors etc.

This website and it’s owners and editors are neither affiliated with any political party nor any political group or worldview. We are not being sponsored or influenced by any entity.

We believe in truth, freedom and equality and this is our only political point of view.

Editorial bias

Everyone has his own education, political views, opinions… let’s say – bias. We think that it is fair to come clear with our editors way of seeing world by sharing the results of 8values quiz. Since they can change in time, we will update them periodically.

George Orwell (alias)



Some of the posts we share are controversial and we do NOT necessarily agree with them in the whole extend. Nevertheless we find them somehow interesting and/or valuable or we share them, because we strongly believe in freedom of speech and free press and journalism. We strongly encourage you to have a critical approach to all the content, do your own research and analysis to build your own opinion.

We would be glad to have your feedback.

Privacy, cookies and ads

We do use a minimum set of cookies, required by the system to run plus Google Analytics, which allows as to monitor the website traffic.

We do not publish ar share paid materials. We do not place ads on our website.

We DO believe in free, uncensored Internet as a platform of thought interchange and not as a platform of monetising everything.