My dear friends. You have to understand that we are in the time of WAR and information is the weapon. The objective of this war is to scare the shit out of us!
Please, stand on the right side – the side of TRUTH and FREEDOM.
Before you SHARE anything, take a few minutes to QUESTION it and VERIFY!
If you see FEAR MONGERING, please act to stop it with TRUTH and REASON!

Source: No, NYC Is Not Running Out of Burial Space Due to COVID-19


Some of the posts we share are controversial and we do not necessarily agree with them in the whole extend. Sometimes we agree with the content or part of it but we do not agree with the narration or language. Nevertheless we find them somehow interesting, valuable and/or informative or we share them, because we strongly believe in freedom of speech, free press and journalism. We strongly encourage you to have a critical approach to all the content, do your own research and analysis to build your own opinion.

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