There have been a wide selection of articles published here over the last year on Covid-19 and lockdowns. Since March, the thinking of many of us has evolved which has been reflected within the articles as time has gone on.

Back in April and May, the focus was on the science, the presentation and interpretation of the scientific data, the evidence for or against the measures. Now, as the evidence and new data has emerged and has been analysed the conversation has moved on more to the agendas and the big picture behind lockdowns.

In the middle of last year, I noticed a big increase in reader comments here which has been maintained. But I’ve noted recently, below the line, perhaps an influx of more new readers, expressing grave doubts about the official narrative. I think more and more people are again starting to ask the basic questions, doubting the daily diet of mainstream propaganda.

Yet quite understandably they have questions and some objections towards the vastly differing narratives here.

Therefore, I thought to put something together, setting out the main competing narratives, explaining my journey and how I gradually grappled with understanding the unfolding crisis.

At first glance this might not seem correctly pitched to the high level of Covid-19 understanding here. But it might help us all put our thinking into order and better structure. In fact, I used it as a structure to comprehensively explain it all to my old mum.

Over many months when watching TV news, and Piers Morgan, she kept asking me why I questioned each and every Covid-19 narrative at a given point. So, I finally decided to unburden myself and burden her with the whole story and went through it step by step in 15 minutes.

Perhaps she still doesn’t fully believe me but now she seems to appreciate where I’m coming from, which is a start.

Broadly I would say there are three main Covid-19 and lockdown narratives, as listed below, some of which overlap and have evolved somewhat over time. There are other narratives about 5G, the origin of the virus, whether it exists and around the vaccine.

In my view, the evidence around these is not firmly rooted for now. Nevertheless, there are some elements around these points to cause added concern which I’ll comment on also.

The main narratives:

1. The government and mainstream media narrative

Broadly this is that Covid-19 is a grave danger to public health and the government is following the science. The government has our best interests at heart and has reacted proportionately to the threat.

The people who accept this broad narrative might have some criticisms of the handling of aspects of the crisis and perhaps some of the measures. These people are often fed up with Piers Morgan and his ridiculous diversions from the debate we should be having. But by and large they accept the general narrative.

2. The Government have not followed the right science and have acted disproportionally.

This is what I call the Peter Hitchens’ ‘cock-up’ narrative, which he argued from the very start of this and as far as I know he still subscribes to. This narrative is that the government have panicked and based their decision-making about lockdowns on guesswork rather than evidence. The government are trying to find a face-saving exit strategy.

This viewpoint has developed over time as the science is better understood and many, many scientists have published research studies showing lockdowns and masks don’t work or have negligible benefits.

A big plank of this argument from the start was that largely regardless of the scientific arguments the lockdown measures were completely disproportionate to the risk and mortality rate of the virus. And the government decision-making was based on stupidity, panic and groupthink.

This narrative was one I supported in the first few months and I still accept the premise that the scientific interpretation relied upon was incorrect and incomplete. But now I disagree on the basis that deliberate design, not unscientific stupidity is behind the decision-making.

3. Covid-19 is being used as a vehicle to implement a new social and economic agenda

It’s taken me a while to accept this narrative and it wasn’t until a few months ago that I looked properly at the great reset and the agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

This agenda proposes an economic and social reset, including a focus on climate change, sustainability and wealth distribution. It states that Covid-19 presents a window of opportunity to implement a brave new world which looks like a totalitarian nightmare for its citizens. It says by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy

The point to make from an evidence point of view is that just because there is a world agenda by Klaus Schwarb of WEF, someone who sometimes dresses like a James Bond villain, doesn’t necessarily mean that this is what’s unfolding.

My conclusion that Covid-19 was being used as a vehicle to bring in a horrifying social and economic reset wasn’t reached until all other aspects of the previous timeline of 5 months slotted in.

Of course, early on the measures such as lockdowns, social distancing, no regard for proportionality and later pointless post-pandemic summer masks didn’t make sense. But it was only when this madness continued and after a review of the reset agenda, it’s now obvious this is what’s happening.

Repeated lockdowns and mask-wearing, propaganda and general suffering are designed to create the conditions necessary to reset society and almost start from scratch.

A climate of fear, destruction, compliance and dependence on the state are all necessary to be able to introduce this agenda. They need continuous crisis to push us towards meek acceptance and compliance. And a big influence behind this and how it’s later sold is the climate change agenda, a powerful lobby.

World leaders such as Johnson and Trudeau are subtly and unsubtly introducing WEF language and repeating the slogans such as ‘build back better’. There’s talk of health passports and sanctions for those refusing testing and vaccines. Many of the proposed objectives such as wealth distribution and limited travel fit in with the economic and social destruction we are currently seeing.

These leaders are regularly seen with the WEF, the WHO, the UN, the IMF, Bill Gates, Greta Thunberg, those driving the freak-show.

Big money, influence and perhaps coercion may well be how this cancer has spread and convinced globalist inclined leaders to run with the agenda now.

And for those who’ve been watching US politics will have seen the long running coordinated attempt to remove Trump who stands in the way of reset, at least in the short term. The suspicious US election results and BLM protests and timing also now fits in with the grand plan and to go with it now.

Past record and history are also important pieces of the puzzle. Biden’s alleged close links with the Chinese Communist Party and above-mentioned globalist organisations and some possible evidence of similar reset attempts with Swine and Bird Flu predictions also seem to fit in with the pattern currently emerging.

And as we know, the attempts to lay waste to the world (Syria, Iraq, Libya) are all indicators we are dealing with psychopathic criminals. My only previous doubt was that they would dare turn that evil on to their own people.

In summary, the means, motive and opportunity is there. In my view a global coup is clearly under way.

Some unknowns and anomalies

Some commentators have stated that the virus doesn’t exist, that Flu and even heart attacks have been misclassified as Covid-19. There is also a lot evidence that Covid deaths have been exaggerated with faulty PCR tests and fraudulently assigning hospital admissions and deaths as Covid-19. You have to ask yourself why they at every turn seek to exaggerate and misrepresent data to the upside. During a crisis politicians historically seek to underplay the risks.

Much of that should be born in mind when considering the big picture but a beginner should possibly concentrate on what we know, not what we don’t know. Nevertheless, we should consider the following:

Origin of Covid-19

The media have speculated endlessly as to where and how this virus originated. From bat markets to laboratories. In view of everything I’ve seen I would not now discount the possibility that a virus has been released intentionally, with the connivance of the above-mentioned to pursue the reset.

This is unthinkable in many ways, yet this possibility has to be now part of our diligence going forward.

Covid Vaccines

This perhaps will be the key to what happens going forward. Whether the great reset plan succeeds – or it leads to its undoing and the forcible removal of leaders.

The irrational preoccupation with vaccines may be largely profit-related but it could be a major part of the agenda in play.

Untested, experimental vaccines in 2021 which threaten serious side-affects and fertility is astonishing and terrifying. Particularly given the 10-month timeline of government and media misrepresentation, pseudoscience, fearmongering and outright lies.

Everyone should fear these vaccines.

Objections and questions to the counter-narrative.

Naturally over 10 months a lot of things have happened. People tend to view events in isolation and then move on forgetting what has happened before. People are therefore confused and have questions. Some of these questions are ones I asked myself at the beginning and during my journey.

Most governments are taking similar anti-Covid-19 measures, they can’t all be wrong or in on a conspiracy?

This is what troubled me earlier on. We know they are following the wrong science, they are destroying their economies and societies. Yet there has to be a limit to continued utter stupidity.

But given the background, influence and money of billionaires and their control over worldwide institutions it’s possible to see how this has, over time, infiltrated governments, a controlled media, conflicted scientists and the judiciary.

This agenda is not new and, as I mentioned, possibly has been attempted at earlier points. For me, in the end it was not such a stretch to accept this infiltration of evil has been going on for many years and we are seeing the realisation and perfection of that plan now.

The Great Reset is just another conspiracy theory, surely?

Well, no it’s not. As I said above it’s a real agenda. The question is whether it is one ‘parked up’ or one in progress. All the evidence mentioned above suggests it’s now firmly in play.

People won’t accept having their wealth confiscated or redistributed. Why would our governments wish to adopt social credit systems and communism?

If Boris Johnson announced on TV tonight ‘you will own nothing and be happy’, of course there would be riots. This is why the reset is being brought in in the way it is, under the guise of a crisis.

Essentially most world leaders and politicians don’t have any principles or beliefs. In this context, having a global agenda such as this wouldn’t really be a huge problem as the top 1% wouldn’t be under communism. We would.

So it’s not difficult to see after a great deal of planning, with the company they keep, their power-craving tendencies, various inducements, how our leaders have willingly or reluctantly ceded power to the globalists.

It’s impossible that the government, media, scientists and nurses could all be lying about the current pandemic.

No, not all are lying. Some are complicit, some know or suspect something but are too afraid to speak out and many are likely to be clueless of what’s going on and the wider agenda. The big part of this is the conflicts of interest, such as career advancement or preservation.

Also fear, blanket propaganda, false data and distraction. This all causes confusion, group-think and tunnel vision. All these factors in the mix can cause the illusion that the above are all lying, or not at all. People are controlled through a combination of the above. Essentially, it’s similar to how Nazi Germany managed to gather so much support from its population.

PCR and Proportion – the killer arguments

Either when someone I’m talking to needs more convincing, or just to round off, I introduce two killer arguments.

First PCR, which has been done to death here. The test is scientifically useless for detecting Covid-19 and considering all the measures and entire approach is based on it and ‘cases’ and not people hospitalised or dying of direct Covid-19, the house of cards falls in a heap.

So, you can say to your family or friend, while some parts of the counter-narrative might be disputed, how can you even have the faintest confidence in the official narrative when you have a far stronger diagnosis probability by flipping a coin?

Likewise, another factor, proportionality has been lost in the clamor to fearmonger, distract and mislead. Proportionality, obvious to any problem solver from the start as a basis to carry out a basic cost versus reward assessment, one the government has not carried out to this day.

Think of roughly 60,000 UK deaths (Total ‘deaths within 28 days of positive test’ since March is 89,860 at publication, according to PHE – Ed.), with an average mortality age of 82, from or with Covid-19, versus millions of jobs gone, the economy screwed, closed schools cancelled medical treatments for cancers etc and mental health issues through the roof.

Lord Sumption, the greatest legal mind in the UK, worked it out early on. But it really doesn’t take a genius to work it out in January 2021.


Finally, if the person you explain this to rejects the arguments based on the information and evidence, ask them, what does their gut tell them?

Do they feel something is wrong or something sinister is playing out in the background? Are they in denial, often one of the emotions prior to realisation? Pose the question and let them work it out for themselves.


I wouldn’t necessarily suggest anyone unloads all this on to elderly relatives and the young.

But, if you are constantly being asked by relatives or friends to refute parts of the official narrative when it appears on TV, explaining it in the way above, without Piers Morgan‘s interruptions, is an option.

It might help them to finally move on with their thinking and develop realisation and anger – the two ingredients required to boot out the Great Reset and as a possible added bonus, Morgan.

Source: Why I Became a “Covid Denier”


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