• FACT: Isolation weakens your immune system.
  • FACT: Sitting on your couch all day weakens your immune system.
  • FACT: Excessive amounts of hand sanitizer weaken your immune system by killing your microbiome.
  • FACT: Lack of fresh air and sunshine weakens your immune system.
  • FACT: Lack of exposure to germs weakens your immune system. [Yes, use common sense and proper hygiene.]
  • FACT: Sedentary lifestyle weakens your immune system. It doesn’t take long either (Sedentary in plain English means you sit on your ass).
  • FACT: Sugar also weakens your immune system.
  • FACT: Lack of vitamins and nourishment weakens your immune system.

These are facts and they are not debatable. This is human biology 101.
Our bodies need to be in harmony and balance with the bacteria and virus in nature to build immunity.

This is known as the human virome which is made up of 380 trillion virus we have been exposed to over the past 200,000 years.

Our immune system needs to keep up and be in balance with the ever changing/mutating germs.

Do you put your faith in the spoonful of medicine that has been around for 2 months or the power that has been animating this earth for eons?”

Dr. Nicholas Froehling


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