David Grimes is a physician in the UK who developed an interest in vitamin D decades ago, after he realized that his darker skinned and less sun exposed patients were especially prone to illness. He’s written multiple books on vitamin D and its central role in immune function. He believes that the main thing predisposing people to severe outcomes when they become infected with covid-19 is vitamin D deficiency, and argues that many of the people who died of covid-19 could have been saved, if only greater efforts had been made to ensure that they had sufficient levels of vitamin D in their blood streams.

In this conversation I talk to David about how he first came to develop an interest in vitamin D and why our immune systems have evolved to be so dependent on it. We then go through the evidence favouring its use in the current pandemic, from the observational data to the randomized trials. And finally we go through the practical details surrounding vitamin D supplementation, such as what doses are reasonable, whether it matters if you get it from the sun or from a capsule, and how frequently vitamin D supplements should be taken.

You can watch the interview here.


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