This is probably one of the most disturbing posts we have shared recently…


Some of the stuff I have read in the last day or two has been startling – to say the least. And yet untangling the truth from the fiction is extraordinarily difficult. For example, weeks ago I found a site called which contains a forecast for 2025. The site suggests that by 2025 the population of the USA will have fallen from 326 million to 99 million and that by 2025 the population of the UK will have fallen from 65 million to 14 million. The site tells us that the population of China and Russia will be much the same as they are but that Germany will have fallen from 80 million to 28 million and that Australia will, in just five years, have gone from 23 million to 15 million.

These figures are both startling and terrifying.

Source: Vernon Coleman What did you do in the war?


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