Passing Observations 205

    During World War I doctors worked enormously long hours under terrifying conditions. Surgeons often operated on over 100 patients a day. The injuries they dealt with were horrific. By the end of that War, for example, doctors had fitted 22,386

Passing Observations 203

    China produces 98% of the world’s supply of gallium. Does anyone care? Well, they should. Gallium is vital for all high tech equipment and specifically for national defence. Gallium is revolutionising radar systems and other high tech developments. And guess

Learn to Know Yourself

Vernon Coleman’s hugely popular book Know Yourself has just been republished as a paperback. The book contains 940 questions that reveal the real you. Are you loyal, obsessive or inquisitive? What job is right for you? Will you ever be …

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Vernon Coleman’s new video entitled ‘The Ten Biggest and Dangerous Lies‘ is available on Bitchute and on this website. Please subscribe to Vernon Coleman’s channel on Bitchute so that you know immediately when new videos are released.

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