Passing Observations 196

    The European Union, the organisation which showed the world that it is possible to combine fascism with communism, has condemned Niger for what it alleges is ‘media suppression’. Has there ever been a better definition of hypocrisy? The EU encourages

Passing Observations 195

    Here are some facts for your consideration. First, Russia has a huge grain surplus. And too much fertiliser. Second, they can’t sell the stuff to the West because of stupid sanctions introduced by politicians with a yen for self-harming policies.

The Medicine Men

My first book, published in 1975, was called The Medicine Men. It was the first book to attack the pharmaceutical industry and to excoriate the medical establishment for its links with the drug industry.

Astonishingly, the book was very well …

Passing Observations 194

    The Office for National Statistics reckons that 5.6 million immigrants will come to England over the next decade. And 3.4 million tax-paying, largely white English people will leave in despair. Those are the official figures. The real figures will, inevitably,