Let’s Change It Again: Face Masks Will NOT Be Mandatory in Schools and Shops

Wearing face masks in schools will not be mandatory from 1 September. This was stated by the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (ANO) at today’s press conference.

The obligation will depend on the epidemiological situation. “We debated the issue of schools and the obligation for children to wear the face mask. We are able to solve it just with the traffic light system,” said Vojtěch.

The new so-called traffic light system will indicate the level of risk per district, and advise district officials on which measures are recommended at which level.

“Schools would close if their districts were designated “red”, indicating a high degree of coronavirus risk,” added Vojtěch.

The red level will be activated if the number of cases among over-65s increases by more than 50% week-on-week, or the hospitalization rate exceeds 2%.

Face masks will be mandatory only where an “orange light” appears at the traffic light. According to the Minister of Education Robert Plaga, updates will be published every Friday.

Wearing face masks will also not be needed also in restaurants, shops, hairdressers, fitness centers.

Face masks will continue to be mandatory in public transport, offices, public administration offices, polling stations, social and medical facilities.

On Monday, Vojtech told reporters that face-masks would, once again, become mandatory in all public transport nation-wide and most public indoor spaces, starting September 1.

Source: Let’s Change It Again: Face Masks Will NOT Be Mandatory in Schools and Shops


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