by Don Rosenberg, 8/1/2020

The world has been rocked by a deadly virus with millions infected, 153,000 deaths reported in the United States, and 667,000 worldwide.

An intense battle has emerged on how to treat COVID-19, between hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), an inexpensive treatment for malaria and other diseases that’s over 50 years old, and remdesivir, a drug that has been around since 2009, manufactured by Gilead Pharmaceuticals.

This battle shows how public perceptions can be manipulated for profit and political advantage, in this case, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.

As the truth finally comes out, the people who perpetrated this con job will be reviled in history, and those who manipulated the narrative, and the data, will be exposed.

As soon as the world became aware of COVID-19, doctors started to search for treatments. Reviewing the fatality rates in different countries, Didier Raoult, a renowned French doctor with vast experience treating malaria using hydroxychloroquine, noticed that countries he had worked with had lower death rates. He tested HCQ with a few patients and was astounded at its success. He immediately shared his findings and this now-famous chart, and the result was a battle no one would have expected.

Instead of curiosity and interest in his results, his findings were immediately challenged, he was branded as a charlatan, and doctors were warned not to use the drug because of its “harmful side effects.”

The FDA Emergency Use Authorization was recalled and supplies were restricted.

This is unusual, because Dr. Didier has almost 3,000 articles in Pubmed, is considered number one in the world in communicable diseases with scores of awards and decorations for service.

When President Trump mentioned the hopeful trial study, he was roundly criticized and accused of having a financial stake in HCQ; he does, about $1,500.

Instead, another drug in trial, remdesivir, manufactured by Gilead Pharmaceuticals, was touted as the most promising treatment.

At the end of March, a New York doctor, Vladimir Zelenko, came out with his own findings. He treated 200 patients using HCQ and zinc early in the disease with six hospitalized, two intubated and zero deaths. He was attacked in the New York Times because he was found to be a Trump supporter.

Other doctors argued that HCQ had dangerous side effects, heart arrhythmias, eye problems. But a study published in Pubmed in 2019, reported that only 0.68% of people who took hydroxychloroquine for 5–7 years developed blurred partial vision. A study published by WHO in 2017 said HCQ when used in a similar fashion as Dr. Raoult, never found a single case of cardiac arrhythmia.

And the CDC still has a guide on their website recommending the use of HCQ for prevention of malaria when travelling in other countries.

On April 18, Prevent Senior, a health insurance provider that owns several hospitals in Brazil, studied HCQ and hospitalization in 636 patients. For those who got the drugs within the first 7 days, only 1.17% needed to be hospitalized. For those who were medicated after a week of symptoms 3.2%, and for those who did not receive treatment, 5.5% needed to be hospitalized.

That’s a reduction in hospitalization of almost 80%.

The study was harshly criticized in the media and was discontinued.

study of veterans was released on April 28th claiming HCQ actually increased the death rate. But it studied veterans with lymphopenia on death’s door, given HCQ late in their illness.

We can see a clear pattern of positive studies for the use of HCQ, all of which were protested harshly in the media, while poorly-conducted negative studies were promoted.

How was remdesivir faring during this time?

On April 26, a pre-print about Gilead’s Remdesivir was leaked. The results were very disappointing. It did not reduce the death rate, only decreased the recovery time of those who would survive by 3-5 days.

Yet on April 29th, Dr. Anthony Fauci, advisor to the president said “Remdesivir shows promising results for the coronavirus.”

Headlines proclaimed, “Remdesivir drug trials show patients recovering from COVID-19” and “‘A game changer’ — Drug tested in UNC labs shows positive results for COVID-19 treatment.”

The next day, Dr. James Todaro, tweeted, “The NIH Panel on COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines is made up of 50 researchers and doctors. This panel will decide on treatment recommendations. for Remdesivir. Almost 20% of them are employed or have investments in Gilead.”

On April 30, the drug was approved. Todaro continued, “Gilead receives $37 million to develop and test Remdesivir. FDA approves Remdesivir. Cost per patient: $1000. Manufacturing cost $10.”

The current cost for treating a patient? $3,100.

In the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, fraudulent studies on hydroxychloroquine were published leading WHO to stop its research. Doctors across the world stopped prescribing HCQ.

But the very same day the results were disputed. The data were false, listing patients and hospitals that did not exist. The study was quickly withdrawn.

The New England study was also withdrawn due to false data.

Perhaps the best proof of the efficacy of HCQ can be found when comparing death rates of countries where it was used despite the media warnings.

Germany is listed as a control group. They had strict lockdowns, but didn’t use HCQ. The European Union is also listed.

current chart can be generated here.

Switzerland is a unique case. They began using HCQ at the outset, but because of media reports, discontinued use on May 27. From June 8-23, Switzerland reported 35 deaths. They then reauthorized use on June 11. By June 23, deaths had returned to low levels.

The full report and this second graphic can be read here, on the France Soir website .

Most recently, a group of frontline doctors held a press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court. Emphatically and in great detail, they outlined the case for HCQ. Their video had over 17 million views until it was deleted from facebook and scrubbed from YouTube.

This time the censorship has gone too far. The American public is waking up to the con. It’s easy to recognize the profit motive of the pharmaceutical industry with $22 billion Gilead in the lead.

In the midst of the most important election season in US history, the mainstream media is also hard at work pushing the con narrative, not for profit, but to defeat President Trump at all costs. “HCQ doesn’t work,” “Remdesivir is the promising treatment,” “Wear your masks,” “Stay at home.” “Schools need to stay closed,” and “Voting by mail is your only safe option.”

Stoking panic and ruining the economy is their goal, along with pushing “mail-in voting,” which, unlike absentee ballots, is extremely vulnerable to fraud.

We need new standards of scientific proof and open debate when dealing with life and death issues where fake studies, character assassination, and censorship are no longer used as essential components of the con artists’ toolbox.

Oh, and all Gilead officials and news reporters should be required to take remdesivir when they come down with COVID.


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