Good morning,

Thank you for your quick response.

I am surprised and dismayed that you are not intuitively opposed to vaccine passports and lockdowns.

Your policy is predicated firstly on the effectiveness and safety of a trial vaccine, and secondly the validity of a PCR test as an accurate reflection of cases/infections and transmission rates. This you link to NHS capacity. You also reject the accusation that we are being coerced since we apparently have a choice.

We absolutely are being coerced, especially the young. Coercion includes being excluded from the activities they would normally take part in.  To protect their mental health by taking part in social life — restaurants, bars, clubs, travel, sport — they must take a jab. To work they must take a jab. That is coercion.

Effectiveness, safety and need.

The reason you are having difficulty with vaccine uptake is that the public does not believe it is needed. The young know about the huge number of adverse effects, they know they are four-to-six times more likely to be hospitalised from heart issues from the vaccine than from Covid. Public Health Scotland reports 91% of Covid deaths (57% of cases and 75% of hospitalisations) have been in the vaccinated, whilst VAERS reports 84,143 adverse reactions of which 18,850 are deaths.

Young people know they have a 99.997% survival chance if they get Covid. They know that the average number of deaths on a football pitch per year is four, this year it is 21. They know about the number of topflight athletes who have had heart attacks. They know of the numbers of people with blood clotting issues.

They can see the doubts over the effectiveness of the vaccine: 80% of the country vaccinated, yet cases still rising, even with masks. They can see that the most highly vaccinated countries, Israel, Ireland, Gibraltar–all 90+%, also have the highest case rates, with Ireland having the highest rate in Western Europe.

Professor Craig, referring to the UK HSA, states that “case rates per 100,000 are double in the double vaccinated population than the unvaccinated.”

Many know the horrific scenes from around the world. Austria, Germany, Australia are three examples where governments beat and imprison their citizens, with Italy on the verge of breakdown. They know that the largest protests in history are taking place around the world, because freedoms are being removed on the basis of a dubious interpretation of the data and the science.

Many are asking why governments are so keen to vaccinate their people, a policy which has seen widespread protests, the largest in European history,

Consider these key facts:

  • IFR for flu=0.096%, IFR for Covid =0.096%.
  • The average age of death from Covid is 82.
  • The number of deaths FROM Covid in the Northern Health Trust is ..5, the number in N. Ireland is..170 (source DoH), since January 2020.
  • The number of deaths of healthy children in the USA=0, in Scotland=0, actually no healthy person under 25 has died in Scotland at all, RoI =0.

This data reflects the fact that children have a 99.9973% survival chance.

And children do not transmit the virus. “They aren’t taking it home and then transferring it to the community. These kids have very little capacity to infect household members,” according to Public Health England. Moreover, they are six times more likely to be hospitalised due to heart issues from vaccination than from Covid.

  • Deaths in under 19s are up by 63% since the vaccination programme started.
  • The JCVI advised against vaccinating children.

There is no sense to this and no science to support it. It is immoral.

Whilst Eric Rubin, a member of the FDA panel who supports vaccinating children, said: “We’re never going to learn how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.” Do you find this reassuring?

A vast array of the world’s leading specialists are opposed to the vaccination of children, yet their views are ignored, by decision makers, but not by the public..

The list includes the inventor of mRNA technology, Dr Robert Malone, who said of the vaccine programme:

“(It is) the largest experiment performed on human beings in the history of the world.”

Dr Peter McCullough, a world renowned cardiologist, said:

“One is more likely to die after the vaccine than [if they] just take their choice with foregoing the vaccine and potentially getting COVID-19. Statistically, in every age group, that’s the case. This is true especially for children.

The vaccines at this point in time have amounted to record mortality and injury, and should be considered unsafe and unfit for human use. The failed mass Covid-19 vaccination programme will go down as one of the most deadly in history. The data demands ‘relentless, and unbreakable resistance’ to vaccination of children.”

According to Harvard University Professor of Medicine Dr. Martin Kulldorff:

“Children should not get vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19.”

The vaccinating of children has also been described as an act of criminality.

Whilst Nobel Laureate, Dr. Luc Montagnier, an expert virologist, said:

“We’re in unknown territory and proclaim mandatory vaccines for everyone. It’s insanity. It’s vaccination insanity that I absolutely condemn. Widespread vaccination of children could have horrific generational consequences. The messenger RNA may result in disastrous consequences”.

Do please review the information below. PANDA is an international scientific, medical, public health and data-focused organisation.

As I said, what is the justification for this? This is the source of your problem with uptake. Parents realise there is no sense or science underpinning this policy and in a democracy they have a right too say no without fear of penalties or exclusions.

You refer to the number of cases as the justification for your policy. You also refer to the need for vaccine passports as a means of reducing transmission in closed spaces and this will reduce deaths. Look again at the data.

As is clear from the data, people are not dying FROM Covid, they are dying WITH a positive test for Covid, the misleading registering and reporting of deaths whereby cancer deaths, road deaths, natural deaths etc., are reported as Covid deaths is now well known.

As I stated earlier:

The average age of death is 82–not many in this age will be in pubs and clubs.

The number of deaths FROM Covid in the Northern Health Trust is ..5, the number in N. Ireland is..170 (source DoH)-we have 18 months of data now-what does your statement re death rates look like in the light of 18 months experience?

The number of excess deaths in N. Ireland since January 2020=ZERO

This policy makes NO sense in the light of the data-and people now know this. Covid is 21st in the list of things killing us and the largest killer of young people under 19 in N. Ireland is suicide, and the data means that more will die as a result of the vaccine and/or of policies which exclude them from life. There is an obsession with Covid amongst our medical fraternity, an obsession not shared by independent experts.

The driver you refer to is the PCR test as a means of determining the number of cases is well known to be totally flawed.

It has been known for some time that we are using far too high a cycle frequency and therefore detecting irrelevant virus particles. The application of this totally flawed test is binding society and destroying access to hospitals and GPs. You must have been shocked to find that of the ONE million children sent home to isolate in England, 98.4% were unaffected, that means 984,000 children isolated with a loss of 9,840,000 school days–what an appalling pointless loss. Similar percentages apply here.

A cycle frequency above 25 is generally accepted as unreliable–see Professor Heneghan, Director of Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford, Professor Lambert (Head of Infectious Diseases in the Republic) and many many others–with Professor Ennos labelling the tests as “useless”. Its Nobel-prizewinning inventor, Dr. Mullis stated, you are detecting people who are neither infected nor infectious. Yet we persist in using 40-45 cycles – and this despite WHO recommending a reduction on January 15th.

According to Professor Craig, 5000 viral particles are needed to produce infection, yet our system is set up to identify 4!

This is destroying our children and our people’s livelihoods, and these are health issues.

On the basis of a flawed test, we have denied our young people the very activities which are necessary for their health – education, school, socialisation, church, travel, sport.

You will be aware of the recent pronouncement by Camilla Kingdon, President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health,

“You are asking completely healthy children to test, with the potential to be excluded” [from school].
Covid testing in schools should be brought to an end for the sake of children’s education.

The current regime in secondary schools is causing unnecessary chaos.

Children, who are not at risk from the virus, should not be forced to “carry the burden” of the pandemic” and neither should they.”

Please explain the scientific or medical reason for the continued use of the PCR tests at this frequency and why your advice runs contrary to the advice of Camilla Kingdon.

Sadly it has been obvious what the road is – all too predictable. Those who dispute the narrative, especially world-class scientists are being silenced, cancelled and denied media access.

Our response has been totally disproportionate and a tragedy. I must also say I have recent experience of the NHS and I have to tell you the GP service is non-existant and the hospitals are in disarray – Covid restrictions based on a flawed test are destroying the people.

In relation to the NHS, the protection of which is the oft-quoted reason for continued restrictions: it is no busier than usual. There is generally a five-fold increase in the number of admissions from respiratory pathogens at this time of year. Most of the patients designated as Covid patients are in fact in hospital for another reason (source front line consultant). 5% of hospital beds in the UK are occupied by Covid patients. According to the NHS, 5% of beds are occupied with Covid patients.

The real reason for hospital dysfunction may be found in the graphs below:
















Freedom is not freedom if you have to have a vaccine to be free. Ask yourself why so much force is being used around the world to enforce vaccination against a virus.

It is the responsibility of our politicians to challenge what they are being told, is it not your duty to listen to alternative sources given the pain and extent of dispute. May I emphasise the scientific views are not my views, they are the views of world leading independent experts. I understand you will have received a communication from PANDA – this is an international organisation of world renowned scientists, medics, public health experts and data analysts, I do hope you give the issue the attention it merits.

Something is not right here.


Hugh McCarthy MSc BSc(Hons) BA

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