The story of PANDA’s first run-in with YouTube censorship is an interesting one.

In late 2020, our weekly Open Science meeting considered the spatial distribution of earth cases and deaths in the UK counties. We concluded that the data was telling a story of the spread of PCR testing into a population with an already high prevalence of SARS-CoV-2. As nobody had been dying before, this spoke to the extent to which the propagandised narrative and media hype was driving deaths.

Because of the prevailing cancel culture we uploaded the recording of that meeting privately. It was nonetheless removed by YouTube within minutes of the upload.

To us, this spoke of a high degree of (probably criminal) complicity on the part of YouTube and other social media in perpetuating a narrative they knew to be false, and an extraordinary degree of surveillance. This was an effort not merely to prevent the spread of an idea, but to kill the idea itself.

Since then, many datapoints have proven that excess mortality, where it occurs, is mostly a product of the policy response. Of particular note is Sweden’s negligible excess mortality over the two successive flu years of Covid.

The doctrine of Covid exceptionalism has been a psyop, as is the narrative of “pandemicity”, the idea that we face a future of epidemics of increasing frequency and virulence. Health professionals who experienced full ICUs, battle with this perspective, but they forget that nocebo effects are just as strong as placebo affects, which they readily acknowledge.

I suspect that “nudging” and other behavioural science practices weaponised against the citizenry in an effort to “maximise perceived threat” have been the deadliest aspect of the policy response, even more so than a failure to administer early treatment. And history will record tens or maybe hundreds of millions of iatrogenic deaths, most of which will occur in poor countries such as Madagascar, where the insanity of lockdown has destroyed the livelihoods of people to the point of creating a famine.

Captured legacy media will try to divert our attention from these real own-goal crises to a series of fabricated, over-hyped or artificially escalated ones. It is a universal ethical obligation to see to it that they are unsuccessful in this effort.


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