The horror of doppelgangers

A TV interviewer once asked an astronomer whether he thought there was life elsewhere in the universe. “Look,” replied the astronomer, “somewhere in the universe at this very moment, someone looking very much like you is asking that question of …

The death of historical truth

A number of intolerant ideologies have swept through the worlds of learning, literature and the visual and performing arts over the past two decades. I am concerned with one of them. Its essential feature is the diversion of academic disciplines …

20 Mites en Realiteite

Mite #1:
Die virus is nuut.

Realiteit: Die virus is nou verwant aan wyd-sirkulerende betacoronavirusse, met  65-70% gemeenskaplike genetiese materiaal.

Mite #2:
Almal is vatbaar (immunologies naïef).

Realiteit: Voorafbestaande of oorkruisimmuniteit is wydverspreid, en boonop geniet kinders byna universeel robuuste …

20 Lies

Myth #1:
The virus is new.

Reality: The virus is closely related to widely circulating betacoronaviruses, sharing 65-70% common genetic material.

Myth #2:
Everyone is susceptible (immunologically naive).

Reality: Pre-existing or cross-immunity is widespread, and moreover children almost universally enjoy …