After a year of monitoring adverse reaction reports in Europe, Øyvind Bremnes presents on the over-whelming amounts of data, worrying trends, and urgent need for access to, and analysis of, detailed data.

Looking at datasets from EUdravigilance which covers approximately 330 million vaccinated individuals, there have been approximately 800,000 serious reported reactions (individuals) and 25,000 reported deaths, from 4 vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and J&J). Øyvind is still collecting data, but if 1 in every 350 jabbed individuals has serious reactions, and approximately 25,000 are apparently reported as fatal, why is this not news or centre of public health debate?

His breadth of research covers data from EUdravigilance (, EU vaccine tracker (, Demographic Covid-Data from INED ( and CoverAge database (

Øyvind is an IT professional in programming, a developer, lecturer, project manager and entrepreneur. He co-founded the company “Multimedicus”, has developed “The Child Health Guide” in partnership with, amongst others, Harvard and Dartmouth Medical Schools and is an experienced “data- gatherer” from many public health related IT-projects.

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