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Online Platforms’ Moderation of Illegal Content Online

Online platforms have created content moderation systems, particularly in relation to tackling illegal content online. This study reviews and assesses the EU regulatory framework on content moderation and the practices by key online platforms. On that basis, it makes recommendations to improve the EU legal framework within the context of the forthcoming Digital Services Act.

Online disinformation – a term preferred to fake news – is not per se illegal, although it may be harmful to society as it can be detrimental to the formation of informed and pluralistic opinions, which are essential for citizens to freely exercise their democratic choices. It can therefore be damaging to democratic elections, decreasing trust among citizens and creating tensions within society. The European Commission has defined online disinformation asverifiably false or misleading information that is created, presented and disseminated for economic gain or to intentionally deceive the public, and may cause public harm“. Such an approach excludes unintentional journalistic errors. Moreover, the principle of the relationship to the truth (“verifiably false or misleading information“) also excludes content that is part of the opinion’s register. The European Commission also points out that it does not cover clearly identified partisan news and commentary.

Source: Online Platforms’ Moderation of Illegal Content Online – Think Tank


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