I worked with Emmy Award-winning Kristina Borjesson on an anthrax letters investigation. She interviewed me several times about Covid and about my Medical Board case. [We filed an appeal of my conviction this week (convicted for having convictions—that sounds right) in addition to filing a case against the Board.]

But before I ever met Kristina, I knew exactly who she was. In 2002 she published Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press.

This is in the top 5 books I have ever read. It changed my worldview. In 2002 I did not know the extent of media malfeasance. Kristina, however, documented it in the most careful, credible, and unbelievable way—collecting many chapters by top journalists of the stories they tried to report and how they lost their careers when they attempted to tell the truth. She lost her career at CBS, trying to tell the truth about the midair explosion of a 747 (TWA 800) over Long Island Sound, which was probably the result of a US Navy exercise gone awry.

Celia Farber knew her much better than I, and wrote a beautiful obituary that I urge you to read, if you are familiar with Kristina.

I just want to apologize for never getting to thank you, Kristina, for the flowers you sent when the Board found me guilty. You were one of the great investigators, and one of the great souls. Rest in Peace. And if there is reincarnation, please come back and help us in this battle for humanity. We miss you, love you, and there is no one I’d want to go to war with, more.

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