The UK ‘Vaccination’ Programme. Part 3: Resistance

Predicting the future, as someone once said, is a fool’s game; but in attempting to anticipate, at least, how the UK biosecurity state will develop and expand, I have one guiding premise. Given the political will, the technology to enable that will, and the lack of opposition to it — or, which amounts to the same thing, the financial and legislative power to overcome that opposition — how would those who have this will, dispose of this technology, face this lack of opposition or wield this power, use it and to what ends? What, in short, would those with power do if they could do it? I wasn’t alone in my fears that social-distancing, compulsory face coverings and digital tracking aps would lead to mandatory testing and ‘vaccination’ as a condition of citizenship.

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The UK ‘Vaccination’ Programme. Part 2: Virtue and Terror

For publishing the figures on adverse drug reactions and deaths following injection with a COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ that I discussed in Part 1 of this article, my account was temporarily suspended by Twitter for what it said was ‘spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.’ In addition to this suspension, my post was removed because, Twitter claimed, it included ‘content that goes directly against guidance from authoritative sources of global and local public health information’.

The post The UK ‘Vaccination’ Programme. Part 2: Virtue and Terror appeared first on PANDA.

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